Techstars: Day 45 (Variety is the spice of life)

One of the advantages of being CTO is I get to see the ”big picture”, which is a crappy management way of saying ”I understand why it is we’re all going to charge in this direction for half a day when previously we’d all been charging over there”. Sadly knowing why we’re doing it doesn’t make it any less disruptive, which is why we generally try to avoid it.

Of course, trying to avoid it is pretty much mutually exclusive to being a startup where you’re, almost by definition, trying to do too much with too few resource.

Depending on how you measure it today was a resounding success, with updates to all our open source projects, a funky Zendesk plugin submitted to their app store for review, and a shiny new blog post written and up. Oh, and this mornings CTO meeting was a good laugh too, just for good measure. On top of that I’d also done some research into how well Rainbird would scale, specifically in the context of running as an appliance in the enterprise. Sadly this threw up a few questions that pointed to some problems in our new object model. The fixes for this, which didn’t take too long to work out, required changing some of the code I’d been knee deep in for the past week or so. We discovered all this right around the time I had to take my head out of that space and go concentrate on some of the other things I needed to do today. Not great timing.

So yes, by some measures, today was an abject failure with me finally leaving the office near midnight with the shattered remains of my code lying in pieces all over the place. Hopefully later today (because it’s now the wee hours of the morning) I can get my head back into that space for an undisturbed few hours and put everything back together again, but right this time. If I manage that I’ll be where I wanted to be Monday evening. I can’t even remember what it was I wanted to achieve Tuesday 🙂