Techstars: Day 44 (The best laid plans…)

As we all know “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/gang aft agley”, which is Scottish for “If you tell the world what you plan to do it’s going to go wrong”.

This morning started with that lovely, unexpected feeling that I’d had quite a lot of sleep, followed by a realisation that the alarm going off wasn’t mine and wasn’t in my room, quickly followed by the deduction that I’d overslept. An expletive escaped my lips, I checked the time (7am, an hour late), and managed to set a personal best for getting up and leaving the flat (15 minutes).

As is always the way a bunch of unexpected problems with the code I was working on then conspired to keep me in the office a bit later than hoped meaning I got back too late to realistically go to the gym. I made up for this by working from the flat with the TV on in the background.

Given the amount of time we’ve been back it’s remarkable how quickly it’s all gone to pot. If past performance is a guide to the future I suspect we’ll be back on the chocolate croissants for breakfast and sugar runs in just a few days. Actually, thinking about it, it’s the CTO meeting tomorrow morning, and they provide chocolate croissants at that…