Techstars: Day 43 (We’re back!)

For those keeping track with the numbering (assuming I’ve not completely messed it up somewhere else), day 40 was the last Friday we were at Techstars, I count weekends in my numbering, so if we didn’t have the two weeks away this would be day 43… I think 🙂

So, we’re back, although not without a false start. Turns out they’ve changed the opening hours for the office on Mondays so when Ben and I rocked up at just gone 7am we couldn’t get in. This wasn’t an insurmountable problem, we just went Shoreditch and sat in a Pret. I’m aware that you’re probably supposed to sit in a cafe that produces artisanal coffee, but we didn’t want to go full Shoreditch. You never go full Shoreditch.

The Techstars Clock Of Doom

The ever present clock, counting down until Demo Day

The ever present clock was also waiting for us, albeit showing the wrong time. It had been left ticking down over Christmas so was showing 30 something days left which wasn’t want you wanted to be greeted with. It’s since been reset to show the proper time remaining. This now really is the time remaining. A little over 45 days until Demo day.

Working backwards this basically leaves us 3 weeks of the ‘build’ phase, then we start really getting sucked into putting together the demo day pitch. That in turn leaves us with far too much work to do in far too little time. Nothing new there then.

Given that, I’m now trying a slightly different routine for work. Up at 6am, office for 7ish, work until 19:30, home, gym for an hour, eat, then an hour or two doing things like reading up on stuff, writing this blog and all the other non-development things that I need to do. Then bed, ideally for before midnight, but that generally never happens, followed by doing it all again the next day. Thursdays I’ll skip the gym due to the all hands and the drinks. Fridays are a shorter day as we tend to travel home. So that’s the plan. How it survives contact with reality is yet to be seen.