Techstars: Reboot

It’s odd, but the prospect of a 4 day break from work over Christmas was something that made me a little twitchy. When I get focused on something, I get really focused. Taking time off from it, for whatever reason, doesn’t sit well. There’s also the worry that I may lose interest in what I was focused on and start focusing on something else; something which makes getting back in the groove seriously hard.

By the 2nd of January I’d fallen back into “normal” life. I was also finding it hard to concentrate on work with the call of my gaming rig (which sits next to me if I’m working from home) ringing loud in my ears.

In some respects the two week break has been great. I got to spend time with my family, and I got to spend far too much time messing about with Elite: Dangerous. In other respects I worry about lost momentum. This could be in part down to the fact that I had an aggressive list of things I wanted to achieve over the two weeks and I’ve failed to achieve all of them. Turns out working from home with a family that’s missed you for 6 weeks with frequent bank holidays breaking up the weeks is not as productive as 18 hour days in a work only environment. Who knew 😉