Techstars: Day 38 (CTO Club)

Wednesday Mornings is the CTO meeting for our cohort. It’s a time for the CTOs, or equivalent, of each of the companies to get together and talk about stuff. Chatham House Rule apply so what goes on CTO Club stays on CTO Club, which leads to some interesting and quite useful discussions.

Much of what is talked about is cathartic. The person detailing their issues gets to air their problems, talk about them and, hopefully, receive advice from a different perspective – or from someone with experience of dealing with the issue. For everyone else it’s a chance to realise that we’re all dealing with problems at various levels and that none of us are alone in this.

While this may come across as it being a giant whinging session (it was billed by Jon as a chance for the CTOs to bitch about their CEOs), it’s far from it. The discussions are largely constructive in terms of how we can move forwards and address the challenges we face. It’s actually a meeting a look forward to each week, and one I will miss when the process is over.