Techstars: Day 36 (Headaches)

One of the downsides of long hours, little sleep and a job that involves a lot of concentration is the headaches I’ve started getting. I suspect it’s also related to the amount of sugar I’m eating to keep going (I don’t really do caffeine, although I’m also drinking the odd cup of tea now too). Given the lack of sleep I got last night1 I decided skip my usual remedy of just necking pain killers and call it a day at 7pm. There’s a company meeting at 9pm which left me a couple of hours to cook and just kick back and relax. Ultimately the only cure is getting more sleep so I’m hoping we can get everything done and dusted by 11pm so I can at least get 7 hours sleep. I somehow suspect this is wishful thinking.

1 Finally got to bed after 1am thanks, in part, to “slippery rails” which delayed the train by 20+ minutes