Techstars: Day 32 (Patient 0)

So it appears I lost count with the day count on the blog posts, which correlates quite well with the tail end of last week where I was knackered. Basically I have a text file where I draft the posts and each day I delete the previous days text, update the title and crack on. This process went wrong on day 26 where I forgot to update the day count from 25. I’ve now updated the blog titles for the previous days, but for some people it may look like I’ve skipped a day. All I can say is I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to cock up the numbering, and doubly surprised I spotted it so fast.


Todays ”All Hands” meeting was a modified version of ”spin the bottle”. The cohort sat in a circle while Jon spun a bottle in the middle. Whoever was pointed at by the bottle then had to pick someone from their company and say something positive about them, or something negative. The kicker was that positive or negative was determined by coin toss after you’d nominated who you were going to talk about, which leads to an interesting dynamic.

At this point it helps to know that Techstars London is basically a plague ship currently with some nasty virus thing that’s been doing the rounds. Come the end of the Founder Stories meeting tonight Rainbird was down to 50% capacity with Nathan, Chris and Ben all out for the count. We’re not the only team affected – in fact there was a designated sick zone in the ”All Hands” circle.

So the bottle lands on James who picks me as his victim target nominee. The coin toss comes up negative, because of course it does. Now there’s many ways this can go down and it’s interesting to try and second guess which of a long list of negatives is going to get aired. I guessed wrong.

James went for two negatives, one of which was that I was patient zero1. Which is an interesting thought. I think I was the first to go down with the death on day 19, although I’d been feeling ropey for a while which could quite literally mean that I’ve taken down quite a few people with me… erm… whoops?

The good news is that if they do have what I had then it’s only really bad for two or three days, with maybe a week of feeling knackered and then a cough that still hasn’t gone away… I’m really not helping myself here am I?

The point is, if I suddenly disappear, it’s because I’ve been lynched by the other teams2

1 The other being that I broke the internet in a previous job. To be fair it was already broken, I just helped them break it faster and, in my defence, they paid me a lot of money.

2 And not just over being a plague bearer. My predilection towards heavy IM usage and the notification methods of the IM platforms we’re using in Techstars has also been noted. At least they’ll remember me 🙂