Techstars: Day 29 (Panic!)

If you’ll recall the Christmas break makes numbering the days at Techstars a little difficult. Until now the Techstars Clock of Doom has been counting down from 103 days. This morning it said there was a little over 74 days left to go.

The Techstars Clock of Doom showing a little over 74 days left

The clock, adjusted for the Christmas break, with the expected 74 days remaining

Two hours later and it was a completely different story.

The Techstars Clock of Doom now only showing 60 days left

The clock, no longer adjusted for the Christmas break, and now showing substantially less time left

That’s right. They’ve adjusted the clock to remove the Christmas break. The 60’s lasted a little over 10 minutes, which is slightly shy of the more normal 14,400 minutes they should have lasted for.

The rationale for the change was because we weren’t at the correct level of panic for the amount of time actually left, as the 2 week Christmas break was artificially inflating that figure. It’s a valid argument, but one that would have rectified itself in two weeks anyway as the break started.

Worse than the panic, however, is the knowledge that we’re now really over one third of the way through the process and that’s quite sad. I’m really enjoying my time at Techstars and it seems to be passing too quickly.