Techstars: Day 24 (?- happy(yolanda))

The parting comment from James as I left the Management Suite1 tonight2 was “I look forward to reading your blog tonight2”. The implication was, of course, that any sensible person would simply head straight to bed. Clearly I’m not sensible as I then got back to our flat and spent a further hour talking to Chris. So bearing in mind it’s 01:46 you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit brief.

Today can be summed up as:

?- happy(yolanda).

This makes absolutely no sense to anyone unless they’ve read the Learn Prolog Now book, and even then has a certain “you had to be there” quality about it.

Me pointing at the whiteboard

“This! This thing here. It means we can do the thing with the thing. ” – Tiredness makes me look unimpressed

The above possibly sums it up better, but is somewhat lacking thanks to the vagaries of Twitter.

What actually happened was that Rainbird learned something. It remembered. And that is monumental for a whole bunch of reasons I’m not even going to go into – mainly because I’m too bloody tired. Suffice to say that today3 was the day that Rainbird entered a whole new dimension of awesome; awesome squared if you will!

1 A grandiose name I’ve given to the flat that Ben and James are staying in – for comparison, Chris and I refer to our flat as the “Frat Flat”

2 Actually, technically “this morning” as it was half past midnight

3 Or yesterday, or whenever the hell it was depending on actual dates, or narrative, or however you want to measure it