Techstars: Day 23 (Wheel 2.0)

The Clock of Doom now in the 70s


The Techstars Clock Of Doom rolled over to the 70’s today, which is just terrifying. We’re in week 4. We’ve been here 23 days and it just seems that we’re going to get catapulted out the other side of this process way too fast because in some respects it still only feels like we’ve been there a few days.

Of course, there are things you can do to help yourself here and to make your lives easier. Chucking ideas around at random I could think of, say… not replacing large chunks of your technology stack as an example.

So, anyway, we’re looking at replacing chunks of our technology stack.

Yes, I’m being flippant, but it’s actually quite an interesting situation. What we have works, but will eventually start running into some hard limits and is going to present some problems one day. We could potentially work around those problems but that could lead to bigger problems further down the line – in fact I uncovered one of these little doozies today which is an edge case, but an annoying one nonetheless.

So, at some point some work needs to be done and the sooner that work is done, the quicker it can be finished, and the more far reaching and conclusive the changes can be; but the longer we can put it off the more we can concentrate on the million and one other pressing issues that need to be dealt with including, but not limited to, actually getting some paying customers (or even adding the ability to pay us into the product). It’s a balance. And potentially one with no correct answer.

The fact that we’re even asking the question puts us in a better place than most places I’ve worked. The typical response to this kind of problem is ”what we have works for now so lets ignore it and hope it goes away”. I think the problem is that many people see it as simply reinventing the wheel. The issue with that kind of thinking is that if you didn’t constantly reinvent the wheel we’d all have cars driving about on 4 solid bits of wood.

1 So one of my big problems with the clock is that every time I walk past it I am instantly reminded of a track by Combichrist2 that has the lyrics “Without emotions / Without feelings / Without love / Without hate / Breath is just a clock / Ticking… / Ticking …”3. As a result I see the clock and all I think is “Ticking… / Ticking…”.

2 Fair warning: I like odd music so this is going to be not to everyones taste.

3 It originates from the film Equilibrium

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