Techstars: Day 21 (Manflu)

This weekend has not been a good one. The set of things I wanted to achieve bears little resemblance to the set of things I actually achieved due, in no small part, to me quite literally crashing on Friday night.

I got home feeling dreadful, skipped dinner, went to bed early and got 10 hours sleep and another 2+ hours of lying in a bit of a daze on Saturday morning. I then had another 4 hour sleep in the afternoon, before settling in for another long sleep, waking up late this morning. I’ve felt dreadful for most of that time and done very little.

You may recall I said on day 9 that “…my body is starting to tell me that if I don’t slow down that it’s going to put me down.” Well it did. Hard. Hopefully another decent nights sleep will see me feeling better, but I suspect I may need to take it a bit easier this week.