Techstars: Day 19 (Spent…)

Early post today as I really don’t know if I’ll have time to write anything when I get back to the flat. My plan is to just get there and die, although I can’t do that for another couple of hours. That said, the brisk walk in the cold make wake me up. Not sure.

It’s been a long week, and I think the whole cohort are feeling it. Last night’s all hands lacked some of the bravado the first two weeks saw and people openly admitted that it’s getting tough.

I’ve got absolutely sod all done on the tech side today. I’ve basically stared at the screen and failed to construct any meaningful code. The day hasn’t been a total write-off though. I’ve had a few meetings which could be viewed as wildly unsuccessful or hugely beneficial, depending how you view them.

If I’m honest, the meetings that go really well, while great for the ego, aren’t always massively useful in working out if we’re going in the right direction. Perhaps if people were throwing fistfuls of cash at us they would be, but while we’re in the ”hey, it’s free, come check it out” phase it’s reasonably easy to get a positive reaction. Where you learn is from the constructive feedback. The ”This sucks for the following reasons” which help bring the points that need to be addressed into stark focus. Thankfully those points aren’t insurmountable, we just need to work hard and be smart about how we tackle them.

Tonight, however, I think the smart thing to do is switch off, get some sleep and come back to the problems refreshed and raring to go.