Techstars: Day 7 (Week 2 Prologue)

Update: I seem to have got it into my head that Demo Day was on a Thursday for some reason. It wasn’t. It was on a Friday. As a result my calculations are all a day out. I was tired. That’s my excuse 🙂

So I had a big long debate with myself over weather I should do weekend updates or not – and also how to deal with the day numberings. Techstars is a 13 week, or 90 day programme. The astute among you will notice that 13 x 7 = 91. Demo Day is a Thursday so they don’t include the last Friday in the count, however, I’m pretty sure that would make it an 88 day programme due to not including the last weekend too.

It gets worse though. Thanks to Christmas we also get a 2 week break with the programme being split into one 7 week and one 6 week session.

So, our Clock of Doom counted down from 102 days which is 14 full weeks and one 4 day week. All of which begs the question: “How the hell do I number these?”

The solution I’m going to go for is to count weeks as 7 days long, and then ignore the two week break. This means that anyone doing any research on what it’s like to be at Techstars London will be able to correlate entries with the actual programme rather than time elapsed for me. Make sense? No? Tough, I’m just killing time on the train.

Which leads me to the reason why I decided I would do an update this weekend: I’ve got a 3 hour commutes most weekends and it’s going to get old fast. I know this because I’m only on the 3rd journey1 for Techstars and it’s already got old. I’ve also previously spent a few months doing the Cromer to London run at weekends when I first started seeing my wife. It wasn’t fun then either.

As to my weekend, it was great to see my family again. When I went into my daughters room on Saturday morning2 I was greeted by an emphatic “Daddy, I knew you’d come back!” followed by her launching herself at me for a hug. This, of course, makes the leaving again all the harder.

Oh, and I got some sleep, although not quite as much as I needed. I’ve noticed, looking back on last week, that the blog posts were getting more and more manic as my tired brain decided to filter less and less3. I suspect this will be a recurring pattern with Fridays post’s being the most flippant.

The Clock Of Doom at exactly 100 days

Yeah, I’m sad enough that I got someone to grab a photo of the clock at exactly 100 (I was in a meeting)

1 Out, home and now back out again. That’s almost 60 hours on the train if I was to do the journey every weekend, and with the inevitable delays it’s pretty much guaranteed to be over 60 hours.

2 She was asleep when I got home on Friday night.

3 Although a fair amount still hit the cutting room floor.