Techstars: Day 4 (Screw the diet)

Before we came to London there was a very real understanding that we were going to have to look after ourselves, insofar as making sure we ate reasonable well, exercised, and all that malarky. The gym has been sadly absent this week, purely down to the lack of gym passes (which should be sorted tomorrow), but I have been making a point of doing some exercises in my room every morning and I use the stairs rather than the lifts.

On the food front it’s been a mixed bag. Dinners have, on the whole, not been great. Breakfasts have been healthy, and lunches haven’t been all that bad. Treats and snacks have been pretty much non-existent – I know, how pious am I?

Except I’m getting 6 hours sleep a night, with pretty much 17 hours a day dedicated to working and networking and the final hour left for me to do mundane things like shower and walk to and from work. Annoyingly I’d like to be able to spend more time working each day, it’s just physically impossible.

You need to consider that I’m basically a highly evolved machine designed to turn sugar into code. It’s what I do. And today I hit the wall. So I did the only thing I knew: headed to the supermarket and bough £15 worth of sugary and chocolatey crap. That did the job.

Obviously a large bar of chocolate, half a box of Ferrero Rocher, a chocolate doughnut and half a large bag of sweets isn’t a sustainable diet, but I do think it represented the bursting of the dam… actually, the chocolate croissant and hot chocolate I had this morning, followed by a fairly large tube of Smarties was the bursting of the dam, this was more like the flooding of the lowlands and the destruction of everything downstream, but I digress.

The choices seem to be scale back the hours, sleep more, eat properly, exercise and generally be sensible; or accept that the diet may need to involve more sugar if I’m going to be able to maintain the pace I’ve set. My personal preference? Given how hard it is to get into Techstars your options are either go large, or go home, so screw the diet1!

The Rainbird team at the whiteboard

I should probably point out that the other 5 are all eating nothing but organic health foods and drinking pure spring water. It’s just me eating the crap, and I’m not just saying that for the benefit of other peoples wives…

1 although not quite to the extent that I did today. Perhaps a couple of bits of chocolate a day just to keep the brain fueled.